Leg 5 , “Race” 9 1/4 : Kit Fitton 1

We are getting rather adept at this whole motor-sailing malarkey (currently 9 kts at 016 degrees – mainsail, no stay – and obviously no yankee) as we commence our 14th day of motoring on this leg so far. Having rather rapidly exhausted the to do list of essential jobs, new strategies and ways to try [...]

Leg 5, Race 1 : Crossing zero

I personally had the pleasure of driving (sorry helming) when we crossed the equator this time. Despite already being a shellback (from leg 1) I still had my fingers crossed that there would be a faint red line hovering just above the surface – alas no – but perhaps this was because it was about [...]

Leg 5, Race 1 – Remember frogger?

In the eighties there was a game called frogger where the object of the game was to direct a frog across a river of flowing logs and avoid being hit by them. We have been playing our own version here in the Soloman sea, and to such an extent that we had to initiate ‘log [...]

Leg 5, Race 1 : In the mix 1

Over the last couple of days we have had numerous sightings and near passes of other yachts in the race. First GB who we caught and overtook, they took advantage of our proximity to procure a spare pump that they needed to fix their watermaker (we only had this cos a bust one of ours [...]


Leg 4 – Brett Wilkie 2

My Clipper adventure has ended. It’s with a sad heart that I write this. The sailing has been amazing. Living on board is hard and with 20 others, it can be challenging at times. I won’t miss fighting to get into your bed, fighting to stay in your bed or fighting get out of your bed. Being knocked over [...]